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Maybe you’re a new author and/or a self publisher. You’re just about ready to publish your book but suddenly you’ve been thrust into the world of printing and layout. Perhaps you’ve already checked out the services of an on-demand publisher. But you found their prices too high and their designs too template-looking.

I have the solution to your problem. I am a Book Cover Designer. That’s what I do. I create Custom Cover Designs from scratch. No templates here and every cover is, of course as it should be unique. AIP Marketing offers custom, original, book cover designs (or CD, DVD, VHS, album cover art, or software packaging designs) at reasonable rates, based on the description of your vision, be it written, verbal, or hand drawn.

Basic Book Cover

Design $250.00

Need a Basic Book Cover Design? Whether you want a real cover for print front and back, or two/three dimensional cover design for online display, our experts can create one for you for as low as $250 The price includes unlimited revisions until you're satisfied or we refund your money back.

Simply describe what you need or we'll give you some ideas to help you choose from.

Custom Book Cover

Design $500.00

Have an idea for your own cover design? Or would you like us to provide a unique design tailored specifically to your book. Our design experts can exchange a number of design images until you're happy with your unique copy-protected cover.

You can either submit images with your book or we'll provide a professional photoshoot for you.