1. Firstly we would meet up with our prospective clients to get information to build the index page (also known as the first page). No charges or deposit are required & no agreement is signed at this juncture.

Information required from our clients:

NOTE: You the client is responsible for purchase of your site name and hosting i recommend either godaddy.com or hostrocket.com once this info is obtained simply email the info that they send you pertaining your domain name your Username and your Password to info@aipmarketing.com

1. A flow chart or skeleton draft of what the web site would contain.

2. A color scheme. Most companies would use the color schemes found on their business cards or stationery. We want your web site design to convey the continuity of your establishment.

3. Gather all artwork, pictures and/or sound clips that the clients would like to include in their sites.

4. Some basic layouts of what the clients want their websites to look like as well as some

possible web site addresses for hosting purposes.

We will be integrating all these information to get the index page done, after which, we will show it to you within 1 week's time.

Once the design of the index page meets your requirement, both parties will need to sign an agreement and at the same time, a deposit fee will be charged prior to proceeding to the subsequent pages. If clients are not satisfied with the index page, no fees will be charged.

The subsequent pages (standard 5 pages) will take about 1 week's time to complete if all content is provided in a timely manner. The 50% payment will be required from the clients before modification.