Salon Website Design

Having the right Website Design is vital to attracting new customers. If your website is dull or boring, potential customers may not find enough information or be enticed to visit. If your website is too flashy, potential customers may find it hard to find what they’re looking for, or get frustrated by waiting for each page to load. At AIP MARKETING we find the right, professional web design balance to help you attract phone calls from your potential leads. Choose our custom salon web design service, we will be sure to make your website look great and capture the look and feel you desire.

Salon Stylist Portfolio

If you are a professional Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Fashion Stylist or Manicurist, you MUST have a website. As important as your print portfolio and hopefully less to maintain.

Hair Salon Marketing Materials

Hair Salon Business Cards

Make your first impression count with business cards.

Hair Salon Magnets

Make your message stick all year with calendar magnets and magnetic business cards.

Hair Salon Postcards

Expand your business and attract new customers with postcards.

Hair Salon Letterhead

Make all your documents more attractive by using letterhead.

Hair Salon Invitations

Invite others to your special event with invitations.

Hair Salon Announcements

Effectively announce information, such as a change of address, with announcements.

Hair Salon Thank You Cards

Show your appreciation for others by using thank you cards.

Hair Salon Notecards

Jot down a quick message on a note card.

Hair Salon Occasion Cards

Share your excitement and best wishes to the recipients of occasion cards.